We offer our users a collection of Virtual Reality (VR) related products they can use to develop their VR applications which can be published across different plotforms such as desktop, mobile, touch screen, power wall and even cave system.

At Veldis, we are always on the look-out for high-quality products in the market and add them into our portfolio with the aim to assist our customers realize their simulation and training objectives.


These high quality products include:


M for Manager
Rediscover the essentials of Management

If you sometimes feel you are lacking references, but you do not think that a theoretical course in Management would answer your needs or if you fear to face delicate situations for which you are not prepared, the Serious Game M for Managers enables you to work on the essentials of Management through a rich and diverse pedagogy.


The Consumer Experience Brand

Dassault Systemes 3DVIA Brand helps customers make the best buying decisions by providing the 3DEXPERIENCE in a rich and engaging online environment. 3DVIA provides retailers and manufacturers 3D space planning software that engages consumers and helps improve business performance.


TechViz XL

TechViz XL is an essential and economic tool to visualize all your 3D models like Virtual Prototypes. It works with more than 150 professional 3D applications and enables easy Navigation, Stereo3D Display, Autostereo, Virtual Reality, CAVE, HMD, Tracking systems, 1:1 Scale Viewing, and Unlimited Resolution.



Catopsys 3D Projection and Stereo vision harness a combination of immersive technologies to create an environment in which users are completely surrounded by sound and images combining 3D projection and stereoscopic visualisation. Users can interact with these images.

Catopsys technology can easily be set up in any room and be transported to another environment. It requires no infrastructure as heavy as the traditional immersive cubes and it can be set up in just a few hours.


Amblyz™ Glasses

Dealing with Amblyopia is child's play

Amblyz™ glasses represent a totally new approach in the treatment of amblyopia. The electronic device, shaped like glasses, is easy to use, comfortable, efficient and made for children from 3 – 10 years of age.

Using intermittent occlusion of the healthy eye, Amblyz™ glasses force the development of the amblyopic eye without pain, discomfort or the stigma associated with existing therapies, such as an eye patch. In addition, patients diagnosed with an amblyopic eye usually require prescription glasses; Amblyz™ glasses however can serve as an amblyopia therapy and prescription glasses at the same time.

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Amblyz Testimonial Video (US and Canada)


Xpand 3D Systems

3D Cinema

XPAND stands for quality products – this hasn't changed even after the recent diversification in Cinema Division. XPAND Cinema now supports digital operations on different levels of cinema business with products that are top-notch on one hand and made to simplify your cinema operations on the other.

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3D Home

You’ve seen 3D cinema and now 3D is knocking on the door of your home. What kind of glasses should you use to see that soccer match in perfect quality? The answer is XPAND active shutter 3D glasses. XPAND comes from the world of cinema and knows 3D inside out. Working together with companies as Texas Instruments, Philips, Panasonic and all other major electronic companies XPAND can offer the most easy-to-use and highly compatible 3D glasses in the market.

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3D Gaming

Be it PC and simulator games, MMOG / MMORPG or console: gaming in two dimensions is so last year! XPAND offers the best 3D gaming experience and excitement with its lineup of active 3D glasses, that you can use for gaming at home, for movies at home or you can just take them with you to a gaming tournament, as these nitfty hi-tech goggles are compatible with wide range of display devices. So what do you need for 3D Gaming Experience? And we'll give prom dresses under $100 to you!

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3D Education

If you are a teacher you have already heard about the benefits of 3D education:

Comparing two groups of children, one taking 2D and the other a 3D lesson, the researchers have come upon amazing results. The lesson, which normally requires two to three class periods to complete, was taught in just one class period. The test results were astounding: in the first classroom (normal lesson), the control group test scores increased 9.7%.

But the group that received its lesson in 3D saw a 35% increase!

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ART is a leading manufacturer of high-end optical tracking systems for Virtual and Augmented Reality. In addition, ART provides solutions for industrial measurement, medical applications and Motion Capture for ergonomics.



Based on patented technology developed over nearly a decade of research, Sensics delivers upgradeable, lightweight, panoramic head-mounted displays that combine ultra-wide field of view and high resolution. Sensics enables a new generation of training and simulation, research, virtual prototyping, visualization, entertainment, and remote presence applications.